Thursday, December 07, 2006

Miss Tall Pants

I have always wanted to be taller. Ever since I accepted the fact that I had stopped growing and I would never be any taller than 5'4. I looked at the girls who were taller than me and felt jealous of how their bodies seemed so streamlined, their legs so long. I thought they looked graceful, like dancers. I however had the body of a football player – strong and solid.

I often dated guys who were much taller than me, not difficult considering how short I am, but these guys were usually at least 6 feet. Eventually I married a tall man. Lucky for me he just happened to also have all the other qualities I was looking for in a husband. I couldn't help day dreaming about the tall children we would have one day. When I was pregnant with Miss A I wondered if she would be tall like her Dada and hoped that for her sake she was.

Now my dream is a reality. But the ironic part? It's not all I was hoping it would be. At almost fifteen months she is “off the charts” at 34 inches tall. Her height enables her to climb up onto furniture with absolutely no trouble as well as reach things that should be out of her reach. She can press the Start/Stop button on the microwave and enjoys the beeping noise that it makes. She can grab anything off the table as long as it's relatively close to the edge. She can reach the top of her dresser or to the third shelf on her bookcase. If she felt like it I'm sure she could climb right out of her crib.

Lets just say I'm starting to see the downside of this tall thing. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad for her to get some of my freaky short genes...


Valarie said...

I had hoped Howie would get my husband's tall gene's, too. He didn't. He's off the charts the other way.

She's going to be a knockout with dark hair, blue eyes and long legs.

Jenn said...

As always, she is a sweetie.

Isn't that something that they always want to be reaching for what's above them. Why can't they be content with what's below them?

Anonymous said...

I think, that at 5'8", I'm pretty much the perfect height. (brag brag) But my baby sister, at 6'1", would not say the same thing about her height. She gets pretty darn sick of hearing "How tall ARE you?!?" and "Do you play basketball?" Not that you can change how tall Miss A will turn out... just sayin' that there is always a plus side and a down side to however you end up.

And I agree with Valarie. She's going to give her daddy lots to worry about when she grows up! And you too, but that's a given, my worry-wart friend. :]

Anonymous said...

(anonymous is Catherine, by the way. Having problems logging in to blogger. Not just being mysterious)

Lynanne said...

I had one tall kid (my oldest wears size 12-14 and he's only 9) and two short kids (my middle child wears size 6-7 and he's 8 1/2 and Ella wears size 12 mo. at 14 1/2 mo). Even the short ones managed to get into things. They just drag around a step stool and precariously balance on it to reach things. Makes a mom very nervous. :)

I agree with the others - A. is going to be a knockout when she's older. She's got good genes :)

beth said...

She is gorgeous as ever, and now aso very tall. Look at that first picture - "who me?" I think she might be taller than Sam...I'm a bad mom and don't remember how tall he is, but I don't think I'm having a lot of those problems with him reaching things...are things shorter in Canada:)

bon said...

Have safety on my mind, ahem... Birdie is waaayyy tall also, here are a couple more pitfalls.

Front door- at two years old she could flat footed reach the deadbolt on the front door and unlock it. We had to intal a lock at the very top of our door so she could not get out the front door at will.

Could stand at top of garage stairs and push button to open auto garage door... luckily the door to the garage door kept her stymied until four years old and a certain understanding of my ire if she opened it without permission.

Bonus.... can already stand at any sink to wash hands in public bathroom without me having to hoist her up.

Dawnyel said...

It really wouldn't matter if she was short OR tall, she'd still be getting into things like that! :) It's a kid thing! (But it doesn't help that she can reach things other kids her age can't!)
My son was short for his age, until recently, but then again, he's grown out of that, reach-and-pull-things-off-of-the-shelf stage. Good luck Miss A-proofing your home!