Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Big Girl

Everyday Miss A seems more and more grown up. Here are a few examples...

Here she is feeding her baby. (baby is also one of her favorite words) I'm not sure why she always takes all the babies clothes off or why the baby has that large hole in her crotch. Doesn't she look like a great little Mama? Until she drops the 'baby' on it's head...

And here she is just chillin' on the couch with Casey. Watching 'Baby Einstein'. I can imagine her looking like this as a teenage girl, except she"ll be much bigger and watching something else on T.V.

She's trying to royally mess with her Dada's computer here... Change his password or something. If I leave the room I'll often to come back to find her sitting there. I guess she comes by it honestly.

And this one Peter took last night while I was at work. First time she's done it but it was only a matter of time. I don't know if she was trying to help me with my Christmas cards or what. Kinda scary...

So, she's officially growing up too fast. I'm pouting about it.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she is so cute! And now she's climbing onto things. Ah the fun. Cam is climbing too and driving me crazy sometimes with it! (Rachelle from Teacher, Mom, Mad Woman) (Blogger won't let me log in right)

Jenn said...

The picture on the table is hilarious! But I can also see how it would be scary to find my child like that.

They grow up too fast. She's so sweet.

Nikkie said...

Oh my, I would have had a heart attack over that one. She is a smart little cuttie!

beth said...

Oh my God, you're right - that pic is totally your window into the future, high school Baby A! Amazing.

Lynanne said...

Um...what was this about "finally getting pregnant again too" and "being pregnant at the same time is comforting?" My jaw just hit the floor. Did I miss something?!?

Lynanne said...

Gosh I was in such shock that I forgot...

I just love this series of photos. Especially the one of A. chilling on the couch!

Lynanne said...

(MamaD is going to hate me for spamming her comments. Yes, I am a doofus...)
for those of you playing along at home who have NO idea where my first comment came from, I'll join in on the hint game and suggest you take a look at Beth's blog (link from her comment above)

Jamie said...

Wow, she is getting big!
I am dreading the climbing days... but how cute!

bon said...

Uhh... wha? You were s'posed to wait and be pregs when I am pregs! Sheeeesh!

And? I am dying over those sweet curls in the back!

Dawnyel said...

She's getting so big, SO FAST! It's scary when it happens like that, isn't it!?
Love the one of her vegging on the couch with the cat! Looks so much like many adults I've seen in the same position! :)

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