Monday, June 14, 2010

Worth It

It's that time of year once again. Summer fair time. So please try to ignore the toque Peter is wearing in several of the photos. It wasn't really cold but last year he was under dressed and learned his lesson.

This was Little B's first time riding. Last year she happily rode around in the stroller, content to simply observe the action. This year, not so much. She was, overall, very well behaved until she started to get tired and totally lost it. It brought back traumatic memories of us taking Miss A to the fair at this age. Apparently, we never learned a thing. Ha.

As usual Miss A was fearless. Little B, being small for her age, couldn't go on many rides which was terribly unfortunate because she loved them ALL. She would often be crying on the ride before it began because the anticipation was horrible for her. The Carnie guys kept saying to us "She doesn't want to ride." but we would explain "She just can't wait for it to start!" they would shake their heads at us until they started the ride and she would shut up and start smiling her head off.

We paid an obscene amount for fair food but really, you're missing out on the experience if you don't pay $5 for a corn. dog. Sigh. She only eats one once a year. Also, did you know that blue cotton candy can turn a child's feces the exact same color? Needless to say Miss A and I were both surprised when she hollered at me to join her in the bathroom to see her "Blue Poop!".

Regardless of the cost, I'm always glad we go because they enjoy it so much. Next year should be even better.


Jenn said...

Looks like a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures. There is something magic about fairs. I remember my own excitement as a child. Later I was delighted and amused to see that same thrill in my daughters' faces. And now I treasure my merry-go-round rides watching the bliss in Eliza's face.

See? Many more years of fun at the fair ahead for you!


elizasmom said...

Yeah, I think the same fair comes to our town later in the summer — I recognize a couple of those rides! I like the last pic, where the two of them look like they've signed up for some SRS Astronaut Business. Heh.

beth - total mom haircut said...

I'm noticing you are not on any of the rides - how did you manage that? :)

When we went a few weeks ago it was boiling hot and Robby was a wreck the whole time. I've learned this summer that he does not handle heat very well, which is rather unfortunate since it is, you know, SUMMER.

I love carousel photos...