Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Girl Who Was Not Afraid (and her sidekick - The Girl Who Rarely Complained)

I have had to be creative with new bribery tactics since the summer fair has passed. We went on Friday evening. I can say with confidence that it was the most successful time yet. Miss A was AMAZING! I looked up this post from last year when we took her and I was hugely pregnant with B. Looking at the pictures I mostly can't get over how much longer her hair is and how much more grown up she looks. The main difference was her understanding about waiting in line. Before we got there she explained that we would have to wait in line and be patient.

Not surprisingly she went on all the rides and giggled the entire time. Having been on some of the rides with her I have to say that it is extremely contagious and also therapeutic to listen to your children experiencing such glee. One particular ride which she went on with a friend made me nervous and then afterward when she basically stood up out of it before the attendant released the 'restraints' I had the worst sinking feeling in my stomach. I briefly thought about the possibility of her standing up as the ride was is motion and then pushed it out of my mind again. Shudder.

She enjoyed her first corndog which I initially forgot to pay for and then when back apologetically and explained that I had been distracted by my daughter, warning her it was hot, hoping she'd like it, etc... I think the guy I was talking to thought I was NUTS but smiled, nodded and thanked me for my honesty.

Most unflattering photo of her ever.

We also visited the petting zoo. We did this first because last year we missed it altogether. She sped through it thinking the animals were cool but then pleading "Can we go on some rides now?" And our camera was acting up so I didn't get many shots but here are a couple that I think captures the elation she felt while being several feet up in the air flying around in some ride or the other. (Look towards the back of the submarine(?) You'll see her sitting with her Dad.)

I almost forgot to mention Baby B who almost made up for nearly a year of sleeping terribly with her incredible patience. The girl hardly made a peep, sitting contentedly in her stroller, enjoying the view. She nibbled on Baby Mum Mums and didn't even really complain when the temperature rapidly began to drop and her sister was still going strong.

Also, I capture the world's cutest baby smile picture. Witness.

I had my doubts that going to these sort of things was ever going to get easier but this year has given me hope. If I can just survive a couple more years of toddlerville I think we'll make it!

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bon said...

Egads! Teh SMILE! The CUTE! I DIE!

Seriously... glad to hear that things are starting to mellow out a little. Gives me hope, or it reminds me there is hope. My two middle snots took my toothbrush and a full tube of toothpaste into their bedroom today...

Yeah. Someday I'll look back and laugh.

That day is not today.