Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making Her Own Holiday

Today Miss A asked "Is it still Father's Day?" I told her that no, it wasn't, that was only one day. She then announced "Well I think today is Sweethearts Day and I'm the sweetheart!" Good to know!

So wow. Look at these.

First Day of School

Last Day of School

How did she grow up so much in just a few months?

They had a little last day of school wind up thing and one of her teachers made a small speech to thank various people and then when she started the "It's been such a pleasure working with your children this year..." she totally lost it and got all choked up and then I lost it and my eyes started to brim over. For goodness sake! I'm going to be a complete MESS next year.

Oh! And look who's walking?

She's not a full time walker yet but she is walking more and more and crawling less and less. She is much more cautious than Miss A ever was when learning to walk. This should help her avoid the abundance of bumps and bruises that her sister seemed to sport once she began to walk. It's pretty exciting.

Another less exciting development is that there are actual fights to break up now. The cause being one of the following scenarios.

-Big Sister decides she wants what Little Sister is playing with and takes it away. Much crying ensues.

-Little Sister decides she wants what Big Sister is playing with and attempts (sometimes suceeds) to take it away. Much complaining/crying ensues.

-Little Sister generally interferes in what Big Sister is doing/playing. Most commonly while Big Sister is on the computer Little Sister messes with the mouse or keyboard. Complaining/Whining Ensues.

And yet. There are these moments too.


bon said...

k... these kids are KILLING me with their growering uppity business. KILLING. And the cute part, that kills me too!.

elizasmom said...

Woah, look at the difference between start and end of year. A is a GROWNUP. Make her STOP! And Bella! Walking!

Elicia said...

You have got such cute kiddos. Woo hoo on the walking. Calli is more daring than Ethan was, she's already trying to crawl over and climb on things. We already have fights at our house too. Ethan is not big on sharing. I here lots of "No Cawwi, that mine!!" Sigh. It's heart melting to see them playing nicely together though.