Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I think it's safe to say this will be my last post before Christmas. Which I'm sure is a total shock to all of you since I've been posting so often these days...

And because I'm lazy mostly I'm just going to use pictures to catch you up on the goings on around here as well as to entertain you.

First of all, I'd like to introduce you to our Christmas tree. It's um... huge. I'm kind of the one in charge of picking the tree. My requirement is that it be almost tall enough to touch the ceiling, however, because we have a rather small living room the Christmas tree usually takes up a considerable amount of room. I was sort of in shock after we brought our tree in this year and it began to warm up and the branches began to fall into place. Enormous. It is beautiful though and worth the amount of space it takes up. A has defined it as perfect and B has amazingly left it alone mostly, only pointing, smiling and touching it occasionally. It's a good thing we have two entrances to the room because it fills almost half of one of them.

We taped 'The Polar Express' off of television and Miss A has been watching it once a day. It's pretty astounding to look at even though it's a few years old already. It's also rather frightening in several parts. I still haven't figured out why kids movies always seem to have to have scary stuff in them, it makes no sense to me. As far as I'm concerned if it was that stressful to get to the North Pole I'd rather not go, however it does seem like the kind of dream Miss A would have.

Which reminds me, the other morning she woke up early crying. I went in to see what was wrong. She told me she had a dream that Santa was here and had brought presents and Baby B had opened hers already. I asked her if that upset her. She told me no, that Santa had said B was guilty. I asked her if Santa was angry with B. "Him was." I have to admit that my heart was warmed by the fact that she is protective of her sister, even in her dreams. Even when she had a right to be angry with her. I have no idea where the 'guilty' part came from but it amused me.

Baby B still continues to struggle with sleep and I continue to struggle with having so little of it. I fantasize all the time about the summer when my sister has volunteered to keep them for a couple of nights. Two. whole. night. With uninterrupted sleep. Heaven. Here she is sleeping in each of her beds. Her crib and her playpen. I really don't care which one she sleeps in. I'd just like her to stay in one for the duration of the night.

I can do what you are doing is going strong around here. Which make me insane some days. It seems B is constantly screeching about something that her sister has that she doesn't. Miss A is extremely patient for the most part but occasionally goes in her room, shuts the door and plays by herself. B has recently learned to say her name in her own way and I don't think I'd be giving away to much by sharing it. She stands outside her door and yells "AUDRA!" It took me a while to figure out she was saying her name and not just yelling some random thing because it sounds a lot like other non-words she says. I do think she's on the verge of really talking because she seems to be coming out with several things lately like, shut and gum. (um!) (thanks to my mother, the gum lady.) Anyway, I often repeat a mantra to myself - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, but when she's crying or screeching yet again it's sometimes difficult not to wish her older and less whiny.

Anyway, hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and enjoy the season rather than stress about it.


bon said...

My SIL says that her kids don't sleep thru the night till they get all four canines in. Sounds hellish to me.

That TREEEE! Whuff! We do fake trees for a number of reasons, but that tree makes me wish just a little...

The Polar Express! Yeah, I took Birdie to see that movie in the theater, and she started to cry at the ice part. But then she wanted to see the show again immediately after, so go figure. Kids.

I gotta say, I am loving the new WV's that blogger has been doing lately... but this one? ew.

elizasmom said...

Your tree's a beauty — here's to extravagance at Christmas. Really, if the thing's not taking over the house, why bother, right?

Loved the story of A feeling sad on behalf of her sister. That is adorable. And I think it shows amazing maturity that she just goes in her room and shuts the door when she's had enough, rather than picking a fight. I wish I had been as good a big sister when I was little!

As for Miss B. — do you know if she moves a lot in her sleep? I ask because Eliza did not reliably sleep through the night until we moved her to a full-size bed when she was 2. She would usually fall back asleep once I brought her into bed, but still, ack. Anyway, we had a fullsize bed in her room and when I threw my back out and couldn't lift her into her crib I put her in there, and a week later I noticed I was suddenly feeling really well-rested. Figured out eventually that with all of her sleep-flailing, she was waking herself up whapping into the bars of her crib. We did get one of those guard rails for the bed to keep her from falling out.
Anyway, take that anecdote for what it's worth — it might not apply to Miss B at all but I figured I'd share in case it helps.

elizasmom said...

Also: Christmas present for you!

Did you see this delicious picture of Brandon Flowers at the Q Magazine website?

You are welcome!

Elicia said...

Merry Chritsmas! The girls are gorgeous as ever. I hear you in the lack of sleep department, last night Calli slept in her OWN bed until 5 am this morning. It was a Christmas miracle!!!!! Hope to see you in the new year!