Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Twilight Related Drivel

So I was sitting at my third viewing (that's right, lets just establish I'm a dork/freak and be done with it, shall we?) of New Moon on Tuesday and couldn't help but notice the kinship I felt with Robert Pattinson. I think it was specifically apparent this time because of my viewing companions. They were heavy with the appreciation on Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner. Not that I didn't appreciate him, and I will say I sympathized with his character in this movie more than I ever did while reading the book where I was all blah, blah, blah, you're nice or whatever but where's Edward? Honestly though, I found his body kind of distracting in a freakish kind of way. His abs looked like six grapes bunched together under his skin and his traps were like, up to his earlobes! I kept whispering to Peter "Dude! His traps are CRAZY!!" which I hope he didn't misconstrue as "which is hot!" because is was more like "He looks like some sort of mutant." Many people have been confessing their guilty (due to his age) love of him and while I think he is adorable if I have to choose a wolf I firmly choose Paul/Alex Meraz (on the far right).

ANYWAY, It really struck me during the Edward reveal part (which after seeing on the big screen I am forced to admit that perhaps his "abs" were enhanced in some way as they were rumored to have been, even so, I don't care!) when my friend muttered "His body just doesn't look as good as Jacob/Taylor's does." to which I replied very defensively - "He's genetically incapable of achieving that physique, and he more than makes up for it with his brilliance in all other areas!" Sensitive? Yes, I do believe I am. On his behalf and mine.

It's pretty obvious that Robert (and his trainer) put a lot of hard work and time into making him look that great and as he adorably told Ellen DeGeneres it's the best his body has ever looked and he was proud of himself. He'll never achieve the results Taylor has no matter how hard he tries and shouldn't be held up to that standard anyway. I personally feel his pain since my own hard work gives me subtle visible results and I must settle for the knowledge that my heart and lungs are strong even if my body doesn't appear to be 'fit' when compared with the general standard of what that looks like according to society/the media.

In a nutshell, Robert and I are kindred spirits in that we are expected to look different than we were ever designed to and if we held ourselves up to those standards we could never hope to succeed. Also, we are both awesome.


elizasmom said...

Hee. I totally get defensive on behalf of celeb crushes too.

And can I just add, in the pics of Jacob, his looks like someone contour-airbrushed him to accentuate his muscles?

beth - total mom haircut said...

Agreed - I just never got the whole Jacob thing when I read the books. Like you, I just wanted Edward back. For a long time it never occurred to me that Jacob posed any threat since I just found him annoying and childish. I was shocked the first time anyone ever menitoned that they liked Jacob more and wondered if she'd end up with him - had never entered my mind.

HOWEVER, with this movie I finally got it. At least I saw how there could be a "Team Jacob" at all. I saw his finer points of personality and thought that Taylor actually did quite a good job - I really felt his "warmth." The shirtlessness was distracting and i didn't need that.

Now, as for Rob's bod: I think he looked great, but I don't think he was supposed to be on par with Taylor at all. If anything, I was mostly thinking about how they succeeded in making him look totally run-down and famished. The dark circles around the eyes, the skinny weak body. I mean, I know he had to have his six pack abs because that's what the ladies want, but from a character standpoint the dude has been starving himself and depressed for months! More than anything else I just found myself thinking, "Oh, the poor guy looks horrible," in a good/movie was successful sort of way.

Joanna said...

I know, I know it's genetics. Taylor just got a better deal than Robert in that area. And I do think that Robert looked good and totally appreciate the work he had to do to get it (being that I could work out all the time and never be a stick). But don't forget how hard Taylor had to work out so he could keep the part...(There's my defense of my celebrity crush) ;)

In my defense (being the person who was sitting beside you...LOL) I always had a soft spot for Jacob even when reading the book. I always knew she would have to be with Edward in the end so I always felt sorry for Jacob. And I love Taylor as Jacob, I can't imagine anyone else in the role. (And I still feel dirty because he's like 17).

bon said...

I was asked the question before my first viewing of NM... "Jacob or Edward?" and had to answer, neither really. I am just kind of done with the whole hoopla in general, I was mostly there to hang with the peeps.

After the movie? I have to say Jacob, and that is truly a first. I finally got it from the movie in a way that I never had during the books too. I was sooo done with the shirtlessness as well, but I did GET it. So, kudos to Mr. Lautner for THAT.

But I am right there with you on the being fit as opposed to looking fit. The only way that I will ever "look" fit is if I starve myself, which is hardly what being fit is all about. And there ya are. Even the word verification for this comment is pointing this out.

"fasob" which I automatically read as "fat-slob."

jen k said...

Dawn, you're so cute...
although i totally felt jacob's pain, i was and will always be team edward. (i know we had this chat on sat) i too was holding my breath watching Rob on letterman..and he was great..he was such the perfect casting decision..maybe we shoulf start TEAM ROB, Dawn!!!!

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