Sunday, November 02, 2008

Most Definitely Second Best

*I think my title is inspired by my new favorite show which also happens to have the best titles ever.

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but Halloween is putting up some tough competition. I know some people would have a real problem with that but frankly, I don't care because we had the most glorious Halloween ever this year. I mean, can a Christmas tree compete with this?

And then there was this costume. Which I managed to find second hand and fit her to perfection. When I asked her what she wanted to dress up as several weeks back the first thing she'd said was a pumpkin. Then she had said a spider. So I bought a giant spider that I was going to use in the event that she didn't wear the pumpkin costume. The spider ended up being decoration. See right hand corner of photo.

She was so cheerful and agreeable about everything. I could say "Put your hands up in the air and smile!" and my wish was her command.

She has recently discovered the amazing joy of ringing doorbells. And then with the trick or treating - so many doorbells I can ring!

We only walked a block but I think she could have gone for hours. She was so well behaved, holding my hand and walking up to the doors while I took pictures. There was some pretty amazing decorating out there. She enjoyed it all immensely and only looked curiously at the fog machine at one house and laughed hysterically at the rather scary 'evil laughter' noise detector at another.

Even after we arrived home she was very proud of her haul and also very agreeable about my candy rationing. I admit I was rather nervous about her waking in the night having dreams about scary masks and so on but I worried for nothing. Who knew? This is a kid who tells me about her 'bad dreams' every. single. morning. So far so good.

I have always been a lover of Halloween but I think I have finally discovered the magic of how your children can make holidays even more enjoyable than you have ever experienced before.


bon said...

We have long accepted that Halloween is a close second to Christmas in the Chaos household. Which is why this past Halloween was so off. Both Dadguy and I were feeling Grinchy and tired.

Get this... we let Birdie and LaLa go T or Ting BY THEMSELVES while I took Pearl to just a couple of houses. Mind you... we could see them from our front porch almost the entire time.... still, they felt the honor and were THRILLED!

beth - total mom haircut said...

Sam was definitely not down with the weird cackling noises. In fact, the decorations in general kind of freaked him out.

elizasmom said...

I know what you mean — Halloween runs a pretty close second around here too.

And that's very interesting about the bad dreams. I wonder if they really have them or if they just discover around this age that it is interesting to talk about having them, because Eliza often claims to have bad dreams but I have my suspicions that they are mostly a ploy for sympathy, given her cheerful recountings of alleged monsters and such.