Friday, November 21, 2008

I Promise I Won't Spoil Anything

That said I will reference. So for anyone who hasn't read the book skip this post or read it and don't be mad, I warned you.

So. I saw Twilight last night. And I had to write about it. Not the movie really, but the experience.

I haven't gone to a special showing of a movie on opening night for a long, long time. Peter and I were discussing the one's we've gone to and all we could come up with were 'X-Files Fight the Future' and each of the Matrix sequels. And I can say that for me at least, my anticipation for Twilight was the greatest.

Since Peter has also read the series it was important to me that we saw it together for the first time. He had volunteered to babysit but I found a babysitter so that we could both go. We went with my fifteen year old niece and a friend of mine. We arrived almost an hour and a half early. There was already a small line up but we were sure to have good seats. Other friends of mine were ahead of us in line and they ended up sitting in front of us so while we waited for the movie to begin we all had a good, hyper visit.

The crowd was pretty diverse. A lot of teens, some with, some without their Mom's. A couple of hardcore girls with official Twilight T-shirts. There were also some almost gothy looking 20 somethings who sat behind us and they were acting too cool to be there. They amused the heck out of me because they were trying to be all 'I don't care' yet there they were at the sold out show. It's not like they just decided on a whim to come because they had nothing better to do. And I heard them muttering at the teens to 'Stop texting!' and then 'The movie's starting, shut up!'

There were audible cheers and applause as the lights went down. (Some of which may have come from me, it's a blur. Ha!) The most memorable trailer was for this movie which I hadn't heard of but I'm not very excited to see. Wow, Dakota Fanning is growing up. And I think she's going to make it. I'm so glad because I think she is an amazing actress and I'd hate to see her end up being 'that child star'. I digress.

So it begins. I had the most bizarre warm feeling inside my body the entire movie. I actually enjoyed the experience of watching it with other avid fans of all ages. I thought they behaved themselves rather well. * If you don't want to know anything about what is in the movie even though you've read the book and can guess skip to the next paragraph. The only time I was confused with the crowd reaction was during the classroom scene where Edward first catches Bella's potent scent. Here is Edward Cullen obviously in pain, tormented - and the crowd starts laughing. It was the sort of reaction only a large group of people who'd read the book would have. Maybe it was nervous laughter? Who knows? Anyway, it was weird.

*Maybe skip this one too. I was happy that they took a lot of lines directly from the book. I was also impressed with some of the lines they added that were either very funny or touching. And I can't keep this one to myself, when Edward first speaks in the movie I think Robert Pattinson may have channeled Edward Scissorhands. Just that scared, socially awkward thing and his tone of voice. Don't let that turn you off though. It worked and yet was very amusing to me.

There were also parts were I had to fan myself with my hand because they were so romantically intense and beautiful. Unfortunately there were as many of those times in the movie as there were in the book but I wasn't expecting there to be so I wasn't disappointed.

I found myself feeling sad as I knew we were approaching the end. I took comfort in the fact that I'll be seeing it again on Sunday night. When it was over there were cheers and applause again and the gothy 20 somethings mocked saying 'Oh my God Twilight!!' in shrill voices. I couldn't keep my mouth shut and piped up. (indirectly) I don't remember what I said but it seemed to shut them up. I just couldn't take any more of their we're too cool to be there crap.

I was relieved when my niece broke down in the car afterwards clapping her hands saying "That was so good!!!" I was beginning to feel like a bit of a loser for being more excited than a 15 year old.

And I have said nothing of the experience of watching it with Peter. We laughed at all the same parts, swooned (I think) at all the same parts and agreed on the parts we thought were cheesy or lame. Though we both needed our sleep we lay in bed for a long while last night whispering about it. I am so glad I married someone who I have so much in common with and whose company I enjoy so much. Being married to him is like getting to have the best sleepover (or slumpover) party every night.

Anyway, go to the movie.


Anonymous said...

I have to apologize, because I was sitting beside you laughing at the part he catches Bella's scent. But I wasn't laughing at the movie. For me it was more of baffled laughing at everyone else who was laughing at the movie. I only hope that some of the other laughter was more like mine and not all directed at the movie.

Joanna said...

Oh by the way, I figure you caught on but that post was me, I just psted it before I could put down my name!

bon said...

Whee! Glad you liked it, I am going tomorrow morning with my sister and some friends, got the tickets two days ago. YAY!

beth - total mom haircut said...

Ok, I have to promptly work out how to get tickets and a sitter. I'm so glad it was good.

I think the goth kids are so funny. Because you're so right! It's not like they just ended up there at opening night after deciding to go on some whim.

Do you watch South Park? I don't usually, but there is a really funny episode that just came out about vampires versus goths.

All right, on to fandango.

beth - total mom haircut said...

Oh, and I just read some crap about Twilight being a front for Mormon abstinence. Huh?

Karen L. said...

Hey you!

I saw the movie on Friday afternoon in Vancouver and Catherine said I should read your blog.

My theatre was PACKED with total cutie pies and their moms. I went with a girlfriend who hadn't heard of Twilight, and another who had read all the books avidly. We are all the same age-ish, so you are not alone in seeing this one.

The scene in the biology lab made the entire theatre break into laughter on this side of the coast, too, so it's clearly not isolated to a Prairie event. I think there as something extreme in his reaction that provoked the inadvertent comedy.

Overall, I thought the film really captured the essence of the book. If you weren't a fan before, you won't be a fan after. But if you loved the book, there's nothing that you shouldn't love about the film. Actually, I like what Robert Pattinson was able to bring to Edward: a slightly lighter and more charming persona.

I even downloaded the song from the baseball game!


Jenn said...

Oh I'm so excited to see it!! I'm going with a friend on Saturday.

shoeaddict said...

I LOVED the movie.

Edward's reaction to Bella in Science class caused laughter in my movie theatre too. It's because Pattinson acted like his Mexican food had just kicked in... I thought he did really well overall. It was Kristen Stewart that irked me.

Overall, I loved it.

Jenn said...

I also laughed when Edward first saw Bella. I thought it was not the best acting on his part. Looked like he was about to throw up.

I agree, all in all it was a good movie.


kelli said...

I think the kid who played Jasper was the one channeling Edward Scissorhands! It drove me crazy. But I loved the movie too and am also pretty obsessed with the books.

And hi! I haven't been by in awhile and I cannot believe how big your kids are getting!