Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have been a total blog slacker recently. I don't know if it's my obsession with the short story I have written (I've been getting it ready and trying to think of a title, which thankfully, I finally did.) or what it is. Maybe the weather?

I've been going through a strange time of feeling overwhelmed by everything. I had been looking at the house for the past several days knowing it was in desperate need of a good cleaning. Yet, I couldn't seem to find the time, or the motivation to do it. I finally did tonight. It always feels so good when you do get it done.

I've also been feeling that way about meals and cooking. It's as if the season change has thrown me off and I'm not sure what to make. So weird. I made a good stew in the crockpot last week. I should be relieved that it's crockpot season again. It really is so much easier.

It could also be this cold. Week two - phlegmy cough and solidly stuffed nose. I am going to the gym today regardless. I'll take it easy or something.

Anyway, it's an unusual feeling to not have 100 blog posts building up in my head these days. I seem to have nothing. No inspiration. No cute stories to tell. I've barely been taking any photos either. Miss A is SO unfun to take pictures of right now. She refuses to stay still and only wants to see the screen. In order to get a picture one must hide it until the last possible moment and hope you get a decent shot before she notices what you are doing.

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plantain said...

you, my dear, are not the slacker... I've not posted in weeks.. I keep thinking whats to post about: made breakfast, cleaned poo, went to park, nap time, ran around the back yard, made dinner, bedtime for wee snap, cocktail and the 7pm news for mummy.. then in bed by 9pm... boring!