Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Only Two Months To Go

I think everyone gets a little frustrated when the stores start putting Christmas merchandise out in September. I know I do.

Unfortunately Christmas has come a little early around these parts as well. At some point 'Baby Santa' was played for Miss A. Now she can't get enough of it. She requests it all the time. So here were are, in October, listening to Christmas carols and watching Santa parachute past the screen...

Oh well. The things we do to make our kids happy.

For now, here are some fall pictures.


bon said...

Now that's a one cute kiddo.... but where the heck are the picks of your baby girl?

Wait. You mean THAT'S her?! Gagh! Where does the time go?

Elicia said...

I heard my first Xmas carol while shopping today and it drove me nuts! It's not even Halloween!! Good luck with keeping your sanity!