Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here She Is

In case you've forgotten what Miss A looks like because it's been so long since I posted any photographs... Here she is.

As I mentioned it is difficult to catch a picture these days so those photos are indicative of when she is still enough to do it.


Choosing an outfit for the Day (in winter. I've since hidden her bathsuit.)

Chillin' watching T.V. in the morning. (nicely captures her hair which is finally growing and getting thicker!!!)

Chillin' at bedtime watching T.V.

When she isn't moving she tends to have her thumb in her mouth. She is usually moving.


shoeaddict said...

She has beautiful eyes!

elizasmom said...

I love these sweet pictures. And I had to laugh at the picture of her in the bathing suit because just this morning, I had an ultimately fruitless argument with Eliza, trying to convince her of the value of wearing pants. I feel your pain!