Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Soooo, before Miss A starts Kindergarten (!!!) next week I thought I would post the pictures from the start and finish of preschool. In my defense, we were having camera issues. That doesn't excuse my total lack of summer blogging but you know... it's something.

So here they are before and after. I don't see the same dramatic change in her as I did with her last years photos and yet several months passed between pictures.

She has grown like a weed this summer. People keep asking me if she's grown. Yes. She has. She comes up to the middle of my tricep. She is well over half as tall as me in less than 5 years. Shudder. "Where's your mom?" "Over there, she's the short one."

This was also taken on the last day of school. It captures their personalities quite well I think.