Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Party of Insanity and First Day of School

So. I'm not sure what got into me but for some reason planning Miss A's fourth Birthday Party turned me into some sort of crazy person. It all started with the booking of a wonderful lady who I hired to come to the party dressed as the Fairy Godmother. She brings with her tons of pretty dresses, shoes, gloves and jewelry. She paints their faces and does a magic show. All this for $60! Anyway, I kind of took that theme and ran with it. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

King Edwardo and Princess Rainbow Cinderella

Helping perform the final magic trick by dancing around a pot where candy necklaces magically appeared for her friends!

And yesterday she started the first day of her last year of preschool! Ack! I can't believe it. I can't believe the difference in her in only one year. Frightening. It was strange going back even for me as the parent, with so many different kids in her class and therefore different parents to sort of get to know. I'm excited for her though. I think it's going to be an amazing year for her. Her teacher already told me today how smart she was. Which is, you know, always nice to hear.


bon said...

WOW! Just wow! $60?

I would so pay that in a heartbeat! She is a treasure.

And the CAKE! You know me and cakes, I am speechless at the awesomeness of that CAKE!

I want to nominate you as party mom of the year. WOW!!!

elizasmom said...

Everything bon said — that cake is wonderful! The fairy godmother sounds like such a good idea! I bet the girls had the time of their lives.

Jenn said...

They really do grow up fast.
I love that you had that birthday party for her! I always wanted to have the same one for Emily but for years she was scared of face painting - even pretty glittery face painting - and now that she likes it we don't live there!

Anonymous said...

This looks like the perfect party for little girls. And yes, you are right, she has grown up so much in one year. She is even cuter now that then!

Anonymous said...

That anonymous comment was from me, Elizasmom's mom. Just wanted to clarify that because Anonymous almost sounds scary ;-)

Sabrina said...

What a great looking party! Way to go MOM! Happy late birthday to the little rainbow princess. good on Peter for being such a good sport. Eva has the same plaid pants as the bottom photo. they are really cute. Z's birthday is only a week away, have yet to decide on theme/ cake ideas. hard time of year for us to do much of anything exciting, but I do what I can usually. Hope all is good with you. good luck at your appointment. hope all goes well. ttys. ~Sabrina