Sunday, May 31, 2009

It Sounds A Lot Worse Than It Is

Miss A is just getting over Fifths Disease. Which is a ridiculous name because it sounds so terrible. It's other name, "Slap(ped) Cheek" sounds silly and less serious somehow.

I was somewhat familiar with it because my niece had it a couple of years ago. When A started getting it I was pretty sure what it was. At first it looked kind of like a bruise or bump but then the full on rash broke out. Other than that her symptoms were quite minor. Mostly just a slight fever and itch but WOOOOO Boy the crankiness. I have to keep taking deep breaths and reminding myself that she is unwell. Otherwise I'd be giving her away.

Her behavior has not been unlike when she was having a terrible reaction to cold medication. I'm not sure what that means exactly since I was only giving her regular Tylenol. I guess being sick just makes her crazy. It's awful for all of us.

We are finding ourselves being a little lenient in the discipline department because otherwise she'd be in time out ALL DAY. And that's not fair. Especially since it's not her fault she's sick. We make sure she realizes that her behavior is not cool but she promptly apologizes and we move on. Also, her behavior is SO uncharacteristic (she threw a fork at lunch today) that it's obvious to us it's due to illness. It puts us in a awkward position because it feels like she is 'getting away with' all kinds of crap but we are hoping things get back to normal soon. It had better. My patience is wearing very thin. Sick or not, I've had enough.

You can see the rash on her cheeks here but the picture doesn't do it justice.


bon said...

Oh hey... did I not tell you? Tylenol, just plain old Tylenol might be the problem!

Seriously, invest in Ibuprofen, it's just as safe, and if A is anything like my Birdie... it won't make her possessed-by-demons-evil like Tylenol does. Try it!

bon said...

Dang it! I did tell you, I just checked your old comments... but I don't think I was explicit enough. Both Birdie and Dadguy have a HORRIFIC reaction to Tylenol, and anything with Tylenol in it. With Dadguy he mostly gets sullen and taciturn. Birdie goes nuts. She loses all impulse control and starts acting out like freaky-bad.

I haven't given her any "T" for years.