Friday, May 29, 2009

Gratuitous Twilight Post

I had to do this. I had to. I've been so good. Not writing about Twilight related things on my blog that is supposed to be about my adventures as a mother and not my obsessions. But then I saw this. And more specifically, THIS. And well. I'm sure most of you understand. I mean. COME ON!!

Hormones aside though, I have to say how relieved I am! I mean, I was tremendously disappointed when his shirt was open a crack in Twilight as he was showing her how his skin looked in the sunlight and then in the meadow his shirt was buttoned up to his chin. And I was disappointed, not because I'm a perv, but because it's such a pivotal part in the book and changing it annoyed me to no end. I discovered this was because even though he worked really hard at getting into "Edward shape" it just didn't work out. He joked about it a lot during interviews and also while doing the commentary for Twilight.

I was wondering what they were going to do in the upcoming films when it would be inevitable that he be shirtless at times. I mean, if it was genetically impossible for him to attain a six pack then they'd just have to bite the bullet and not worry so much about his body. And really, who cares? Sure he'd look different than how he's described in the book but how bad could it be? Now it's clear that he just had a crap personal trainer for the first movie. Or perhaps, the powers that be just knew that they could whip one up by the second film but not the first so they just hid him. It would be pretty strange if his body changed dramatically from one film to the next, given that he's a vampire and all.

Whatever. I'm just glad. I'm glad for him actually. He's hardly in 'New Moon' and Taylor's rockin' these. Although I don't buy all the tabloid garbage that there's FEUDING! and JEALOUSY! I still think it's gotta be intimidating when your seventeen year old costar looks like this and you are just a scrawny British dude who's shirtless scenes were deleted from Twilight. I'm pretty glad for me too.


Lynanne said...

Whoa! Gotta feel a little sorry for the guy having to work out so hard so that us old(er) women can drool over some eye candy. How long until the next movie comes out?

bon said...

Heh, yeah I think he didn't actually have a trainer that first time out. Obviously they found him one. A good one.

On the funny tip, I am pretty sure that my sister has been chatting with him on a fan chat forum. Is complicated but compelling. Poor guy is a bit of a goof. Hope he survives this!

bon said...

By the way, have you seen that Funny or Die thing that Cam Gigandet did? It's a little film about throwing down with a group of Twilight Tweener Fans who jump him cuz he's "James."

Laughed my PANTS off at that one!

Ahh! Here it is

Mama D said...

Lynanne - It comes out in November.

Bon - Apparently he did have a trainer. He said his got really skinny and his head looked really big. Alien like.

And that video is hilarious! I love how the 'book club leader' actually hits him in the face.

beth - total mom haircut said...

I'm glad for all of us. However, just sent the trailor to hubby and his response was "that wolf guy is HOT."

Gee Why said...

Thanks for the trackback link!