Thursday, March 13, 2008

YouTubesday and Other News

How does one find the time to blog once their child in no longer napping? I've had a few things I wanted to blog about lately but I never seem to be able to sit down and do it. I'm not expecting it to be any easier now that I'm back at work either.

Yesterday was my first day back. I survived. My foot had the imprint of my shoe indented into it by the end of the day, which was... interesting. I did as I was told by my physiotherapist and promptly did my hot/cold contrast bath for both my feet and was nearly as good as new. Today is going to be a bit more hectic, so we'll see how I'm feeling tonight.

Have any of you seen this children's show? It is part of the new programming on 'Treehouse' and Miss A is in love with it. I admit I am strangely fond of it as well. It is really bizarre which is probably the reason.

So Miss A has started to climb out of her crib. Mostly in the morning when she wakes up. Once she did it in the night when she couldn't get back to sleep and I was trying to leave her alone hoping she'd drift off. She is very competent at it so I don't worry that she'll hurt herself. Which is why I don't think I'll switch her to a big bed yet. I still think, in general, she'd stay in her crib better than she would a bed. I may change my mind in the next couple of weeks... We'll see.

Hmmm... What other news? General cuteness? A has started saying "I can't feel better." when she is sad or after she's been disciplined. And then eventually she'll tell us "I feel better!". Also, yesterday at the grocery store she specifically asked to buy broccoli. My heart swelled with happiness.


Sugarmama said...

My middle girl says, "I'm a little bit not happy," when similarly provoked. Poor girls!

I have a friend whose son climbs out of his crib, but she keeps another mattress right next to it just in case. The extra mattress is supposed to be his big boy bed, but so far he still prefers the crib.

this single spark said...

Man, that video is trippy, I think I've got the munchies now.

mns said...

Yo Gabba Gabba creeps me out. The first day it was on, I thought someone had taken over Treehouse to put it on the air. But my A loves it too! Although, that was last week. Maybe this week he's afraid of it!
; )

elizasmom said...

One of my friends (and her kids) is a huge fan of Yo gabba gabba. Eliza isn't that into it, although she will tell you that "Too much candy inna tummy make you feel sick!"

And although Eliza sleep better in her big girl bed than she ever did in the crib, there's something to be said for the containment aspect. Yeah, she sleeps through the night, but at 6:15, who's in our bedroom ordering me to get up and fix breakfast?

Glad your first day went alright, too!

bon said...

Holy Hannah! I have seen that show and it weirds me out. I do think, however, that it is the natural progression from the bizarrity that is Teletubbies.... so.... yeah.

Glad to hear that day one did not utterly suck rocks. And as far as moving A to a big-girl bed... just make sure that you do it in good enough time that she doesn't feel like baby #2 is kicking her out of her crib, if ya know what I mean. That way it'll be more a matter of "hey, look at this old thing that you don't use anymore! Let's put the baby in THAT, since you are such a big girl and have your OWN bed!!"

Beth - Total mom haircut said...

Yeah, Sam stopped napping months ago and you saw what it did to my blogging. Sigh.

Sam says "I tryin and tryin to get happy . . . I happy now!" Very similar. Or better yet, "I can't chill!"