Thursday, November 11, 2010


Fact. Facebook has been the ruination of my blog. I totally take it for granted that most people who read or used to read it are friends of mine there. I know it's not true but I completely convince myself that it is and allow myself to be lazy and not post here. I hate it and it makes me sad. Oh well.

Anyway, to those of you who haven't seen these on facebook - the Halloween costumes!! You may remember Miss A wearing this same costume at 2. Miss A needed some direction with her costume this year so I suggested a Ninja. She was all on board and ordering me to "Buy the costume!!" already. Mysteriously, a short while before Halloween she announced to me that she no longer wanted to be a Ninja. When I asked her why she told me she would be embarrassed. It didn't seem to matter how much prompting I did she wouldn't tell me what had changed her mind. My guess is that when one of her peers asked her what she was dressing up as they replied in one of many ways, such as "Girls don't dress up as Ninja's." "That's weird." "What's a Ninja?" which then made her reject the costume.

I explained that I'd given her time to think about what she wanted to be before I bought her costume and that I wasn't buying another costume. I refuse to be a parent who has to come up with fifteen different costumes before Halloween because their child keeps changing their mind. I asked her if she knew much about how cool Ninja's were. She asked me to tell her about them. I relayed the tiny amount of information I had and showed her this video I found.

As you can imagine, this clinched it for her. Unfortunately, I could find toy Nunchucks so I had to settle for Katana Blades. She ended up embracing her inner Ninja which made me glad and Miss B was just happy to get "Tweets!!"

Incidentally, this video is also very cool. I'd kill for that kind of flexibility.


bon said...

I think that is SOOO COOL! But then, you knew I would.... cuz it IS cool! And I know what ya mean about teh Facebooks.... whatta ya gonna do though... it's instant and fast and easy. Just what a mama on the go needs. Still haven't watched that Ip Man show, I think it's a show that Dadguy would enjoy too, so I am trying to wait till tonite for our "at-home date." We shall see.

Lori said...

As the last person in the free world who is avidly, determinedly NOT on Facebook, I love that you still update the blog occasionally. I also firmly believe that mamas like you are what will keep women strong, smart, and dignified in this image-obsessed society: the mama with the ninja daughters! Rock on, roller on, and please remember to check your katanas at the door when you come to my house. They upset my cat.

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Those videos are ca-razy! They make me want to learn karate...