Thursday, July 09, 2009


I am healed. Walking normally and stuff. And yet, here I sit with a bandage on my ankle and can't really do much. I was supposed to go back to work yesterday but I won't actually be going back until next Wednesday. I think I could have gone to work if it weren't for these dumb staples that I can't get out until Tuesday. The thing about having a bandage on your foot/ankle in the summer as opposed to the winter is that you aren't inclined to wear socks and are going outside in the dirt and it therefore becomes filthy. I will do my best not to be embarrassed when I go get it removed along with my staples but it feels a bit like going to get a physical when you haven't changed your underwear in two weeks. Okay, maybe not THAT bad.

I am actually have more pain in other areas of my body. Mostly because the rest of it is having to overcompensate for the current weakest link. Yesterday I hyper-extended my left knee which I am sure is directly related to my bum ankle. Also, the muscles in my lower back and arse (that's the technical term isn't it?) are KILLING me. I will be having a massage on Friday and I hope that I can get comfortable enough to enjoy and benefit from it.

A call for help here - Miss A has the mother of all canker sores under her tongue. It is actually two right next to each other. That in itself is bad enough but the real kicker is that it is aggravated by her thumb sucking. (yes, she still does that.) Last night she was up at least four times inconsolably angry because she was involuntarily trying to suck her thumb and would wake up because of the pain. And there was a thunderstorm. Which didn't help her mood any. I had to move the baby to the playpen in the living room because there was no way to deal with both of them at once and with all of A's carrying on it was only a matter of time before she woke her up.

We began swishing with salt yesterday but today I tried an Alum swish which I tested first and it wasn't too dissimilar to salt but has a numbing effect. Miss A is not a fan of either method but I have some leverage by telling her that she won't be able to go to a friend's pool party with a sore in her mouth. This mostly does the trick in helping to convince her. I also threatened that if she doesn't help me help her feel better that she'll have to sleep in the basement tonight because I am not going to listen to her crying and try to comfort her unless she does.

I think it's safe to say I need some more sleep. But then, when don't I? So does anyone have any experience with canker sores and possible remedies? I am actually considering taking her to the doctor to get antibiotics or something to heal it faster and that is so usually not my thing!

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Jenn said...

Sometimes I get canker sores and I use something called "Canka/Kanka". It kind of numbs the area. I'm not sure if it would be good for a kid though.

Good Luck