Monday, February 18, 2008

Almost There

I didn't expect to blog much during this recovery time but my absence has been longer than I thought it might be. Sitting at the computer has not really been an option for me. I have been spending most of my time with my leg up - on the couch. Peter has been reading my email to me as well as any blog comments. He says he feels like an assistant to a celbrity. Ha ha. But he managed to get an old laptop running for me so now I can blog more easily and check my own email. The freedom!

I won't bore you all with the details of my recovery. I keep getting asked how my ankle is healing, to which I reply "Fine, I think." How should I know really? (I'm having an x-ray on Wednesday and I'll be told then.) I have not really had any pain since about a week after my surgery. Only discomfort when my ankle is down. These days it feels okay down but still starts to swell rather quickly. As long as everything looks good with my x-ray on Wednesday I should be able to start putting some (definition of 'some' has yet to be determined) weight on it. I have booked myself to go back to work the second week of March. I am really hoping that was not too optimistic. I just went by what my doctor said.

I have already had two sessions of physio. The second of which was last Friday. I think I blew my physio's mind when he saw how much range of motion I had gained in only a week. Clearly the guy doesn't know who he's dealing with. He gave me exercises - I did them. I improved a tremendous amount in only one week. Perhaps he is used to people not actually doing the exercises he gives them. Personally I am going to do whatever it takes to get up on my feet as soon as possible. Besides, I'm sitting on the couch most of the time it's nice to shake things up a bit with a few exercises.

The pregnancy seems to be going along fine. I have my ultrasound next week and an appointment with my midwife tomorrow. I have noticed this baby is WAY down low. It's noticable to me because I carried Miss A up, like super high. I suppose this will have everyone convinced I'm having a boy this time but I won't be convinced until I hear my midwife tell me one way or the other after the birth. The sickness seems to still be hanging in there... which is another story entirely.

I feel like a total bore right now because I am not doing ANYTHING. I find myself telling Peter about interesting things I saw on television on any given day. Sheesh. We did get out to see a movie on Valentine's Day. 'Juno'. I HIGHLY recommend it. It's such a cute little movie.

I am amazed that I have not totally lost my mind yet after this many weeks of being so isolated and having to depend on everyone so much for everything. It has certainly been a test of my ability to 'let go'. I'm sure this experience will make me a better person. I can say I have spent most of this time just being a really frustrated person.

That's all for now. Thanks again for all your well wishes and concern. Miss you all.


Jenn said...

I have missed you and your little blog too. Oh look at how funny I am this morning!
Wish I were there to keep you company, glad to hear things are going good at physio.

jen k said...

so nice to see you join the land of the living again!!!
glad you're on the up and up!!!
see you soon!!!qmxvj

elizasmom said...

Yaaaay! An update!! I have been clicking away here, hoping to see one sometime soon.

I'm glad you're feeling better and that physio seems to be doing good things for you.

Keep healing!

this single spark said...

So glad you're back!!!

I did make an appointment with a different stylist here in Wpg, since I just can't wait for ya. But I'll be back once you're on your feet.

Is your physio Ron? I hope so. He's such a quirky and sweet guy.

I'm planning to re-enter the blog world any day now, so will keep you "posted" haha!

Hugs to you! And keep on mending!

Sugarmama said...

Hey there! So glad to hear from you again! It's good that you're so close to recovering and that your pregnancy is still going well. I hope you'll be back on your feet very soon.

bon said...

YAYYYY! You are BACK! And doing better it sounds like. I am wicked sad that I cannot be expecting along with you, but glad to have the update that all is well. And the ankle! Again! YAYY!

Elicia said...

It's nice to hear from you again! I've missed reading your blog. I can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy and what new things Audrey is doing!